Friday, November 30, 2007


Friday, November 30, 2007
10:45 AM / 53° and RAIN!

Good Morning! The alarm went off this morning and the first thing I heard afterwards was the patter of rain outside. We were only supposed to get a little (if any) but we got a nice steady shower for about an hour. I feel so happy for all the flora and fauna, since it’s been quite a spell since we’ve had any rain. I’d like to think that it rained because I played Led Zeppelin’s “The Rain Song” about ten times yesterday (one of my faves), but I guess we were just lucky.

I happen to love rain and welcome it. When I got to work this morning (way early as usual) I dropped my messenger bag & lunch off at my office, then headed out for a little walk. As soon as I left the law building it started to come down again pretty good, so I popped open the umbrella and away I went.

The air smelled pungent and spicy from the moisture on all the foliage and the splatter of rain on the big sycamore leaves set a nice rhythm. In some eucalyptus trees near the music building there were quite a few Yellow-rumped warblers feeding and making their distinct ‘chit-chit-chit’ call.

Near the Arts Library I spied a pair of dark-eyed juncos in a Jacaranda tree and went over to watch. The hopped around the branches, trying to ascertain if I was friendly, then they dropped down and began scratching for bugs in the dirt near some bushes. There was also a female Yellow-rumped that was feeding on something on the cement sill below the windows. This is the third time I’ve seen such behavior and I really must go over and take a look some morning to see just what they find so compelling there. Must be something good, because they do it a lot!

Down behind another set of buildings near the faculty center there are lots of huge eucalyptus and pine trees; the eucalyptus have red, brushy-looking blossoms that are now the focus of the hummingbirds; I could hear their metallic little squeaking noises as they darted around from branch to branch. Up until a week ago they had lorded over a stand of Lemon bottle brush trees over in another area of campus and I had been wondering where they’d disappeared to.

It’s still overcast and I hope the clouds will squeeze out a bit more moisture before they move on. I’m looking forward to my trip up to Washington at Christmas—it rains a LOT up there!

[This post was written to the following tunes: "Dream Gerrard" by Traffic, "Chase the Blues Away (Live at the Troubador 1969)" by Tim Buckley]



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