Sunday, December 9, 2007


A Peaceful Sunday Morning

It's a peaceful Sunday morning after a night of rain. The clouds have disappeared and the sun is shining brightly on the newly washed landscape. I think the trees and plants are very happy this morning! I'm not sure how much rain we got since it started this past Friday morning, but everything in the yard looks well-soaked. I know it snowed in the mountains. Whatever we get in the way of moisture is most welcome and needed.

The little stone Buddha in the photo above sits peacefully on an old steamer trunk in the living room. This morning I was captivated by the shaft of light that seemed to accentuate the tranquility of his meditating countenance. It made me feel peaceful just looking at it. And grateful, too, that I am able to live in a neighborhood that is so quiet in the morning, a place where you can actually hear the wind in the trees and the birds singing.

These moments of peace are so important to us as humans and they are so often missed or ignored because we are busy or just plain oblivious. Our human ancestors were creatures of the outdoors, who lived in Nature's lap and earned our existence from it. We could read the seasons in the sky and know the weather by smelling the wind and watching the clouds. We still carry cell memories of our lives as hunter-gatherers and some of us who are compelled to spend large chunks (or whole lives) 'getting back to nature' through activities such as hiking and birdwatching are, I think, responding to an ancient call. There are some who are compelled to 'play outside, if for no other reason than it makes them feel good. And it is probably why I feel more whole when I am outside in a natural setting.

But now many folks mark the seasons by holidays marked on a calendar and cultivated by retail. They rarely (if at all) take the time to just stop a moment and listen to the wind rustling through the leaves of a tree; to hear the sweet song of a house finch. They rarely let themselves become immersed in the natural world around them to glean the renewing energy that it can bestow. I myself am often guilty of this when I get too wrapped up in activities that necessitate staying indoors and thus shuts me off from the natural stimulation of breathing fresh air and going for a walk even if it's just around the neighborhood. So today I've vowed to get outdoors and 'air my pants' as my mom used to tell us kids to do so often.

The the air is so crisp and cool this morning and smells so fresh; there is an earthy, pungent smell of wet leaves and dirt that lets me know that Mother Nature has finally done some housekeeping! It's so beautiful out, in fact, that I think I am going to get out from in front of the computer and go for a hike in a nearby regional park. I was inside too much yesterday and my senses are dulled, so I know that my batteries need recharging.

So get outside! Smell the air! Listen to the birds singing! And I hope your day is beautiful and tranquil!


[This post was written with a complete absence of music for a change. The tranquility was too nice to spoil.]


Jim said...


It's been a beautiful day here too because it's still snowing.

We have almost a foot of the lovely white stuff in our yard and Dallas loves frolicking in it as much as I do.

Most of the snow fell last night but it's been snowing very lightly all day.

The first thing I noticed when I came outside this morning, besides all the snow, was that our garden Buddha was almost completely buried, with just his eyes peaking out. He was reshaped into a giant white Hershey's Kiss.

Linda Navroth said...


I'd like to see a photo of that !

I love snow! I feel deprived down here in the flats. But I'm heading up to Seattle on the 20th to be with my family this Christmas & we might get a white one this year! Hooray!