Saturday, December 1, 2007


The Moon - Setting Behind Canary Islands Pine 7:20 AM
UCLA Campus

Australian Gum Tree Grove 7:15 AM
UCLA Campus

Saturday, December 1, 2007 7:45 PM
Partly Cloudy 54°

Well not willows exactly--but trees, anyway...and the wind was up this morning; blowing pretty hard on the heels of the storm that came through yesterday. We had over a half-inch of rain on campus—lovely indeed. I’m afraid that’s all we are getting for a while though. It was nice while it lasted.

I spoke with my mother who lives in Bothell, WA this afternoon. She said it had started to snow; big flakes that were sticking. She said it was really pretty with the snow all settling on the shoulders of the trees. I am going up there on the 20th to spend a couple weeks and am hoping for a white Christmas this year.

A week ago I shot some photos on my morning walk. I was trying to capture the quality of light at that time of day, the way the sun kisses the top of the trees at dawn, and a ¾ moon that was setting in the west. These aren't the best photos I've ever taken, but they at least give a hint of the early morning loveliness that I am blessed to walk through every morning on my way from the parking structure to my building.

[I'm having a struggle with my blog's template and can't get the photos loaded where I want them, so until I do, I won't post more now.]

MUSICAL NOTES: Last night I watched "The Last Samurai." It just blew me away--what a tale! But one of the best parts was the music score by Hans Zimmer. This guy has done some of may favorite soundtracks ("Gladiator," "Batman Begins") and he did a terrific job on this one.

[So no surprise--this blog was written while listening to the stirring score to "The Last Samurai" by Hans Zimmer!"]

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Janson said...

I tell you, there's a lot about Alaska that I've fallen in love with -- but man, I miss the light. I know exactly what you're talking about - and I miss it so badly. I can't hardly wait for spring to melt into summer so I can get 20 hours days of light. Bring it.

And hey - if you dig the Gladiator soundtrack, be sure to check out Lisa Gerrard's solo stuff and the work she did with the band Dead Can Dance. She's the female vocalist on the Gladiator soundtrack and cowrote some of the tracks with Zimmer. Just in case you don't already know her.

I STRONGLY recommend:
"Toward the Within" by Dead Can Dance.
"The Whale Rider" soundtrack, recorded by Lisa Gerrard.

Really sweet stuff.