Wednesday, February 27, 2008


BOBCAT Lynx rufus (copyright free image from Wikipedia)

This brief video clip shows a bobcat slinking down the trail in the Hollywood Hills. Nature persists and endures--even in the bastion of the rich and pretentious!

This is a good clip from the fish & game department:

[I found it interesting that some of the people commenting on the above L. A. Times blog post about the bobcat considered it "non-news." These are probably the same folks that litter, don't recylce, drive gas-guzzling SUVs, and think global warming is a hoax. When you stop caring about nature, you've lost your humanity. I find nature infinitely more fascinating than people, but then I tend to be curmudgeonly misanthropic anyway.]

On early morning hikes in Topanga State Park I have observed bobcats, including one that sat in some tall grass, its eyes and ears just visible, that watched me for some time before moving off for cover. I have also seen them in Malibu Canyon.

When hiking in areas such as Topanga and Malibu, it pays to walk quietly. Most of the critters are naturally skittish. Silence improves your chances for spotting one of these "big kitties."

For those that care about nature--get out and hike!

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