Wednesday, September 17, 2008


One of the great things about arriving early to work is that I get great views like this. Just by stepping outside the parking structure, I am surrounded by trees and beautiful sky.

A view between trees creates a lovely window...

...while the morning sun kisses the forehead of a Spotted Gum.

Leaves suspended in the crotch of a tree...and almost looks intentional.

The base of the tree is no less lovely, a tapestry of wrinkled bark and fallen leaves.

Look carefully...there's a Black-throated Gray Warbler hidden amongst the branches! A fall visitor to UCLA, just passing through.

Year-round resident, a Bewick's Wren probes a branch for arthopod snacks.

I tried out the 'sports' mode of my camera's shutter, and caught a wren in mid-hop. Looks like a wind-up toy!
I am blessed indeed to work at such a great place!
[Composed while listening to Urban Trad's "Kerua." Urban Trad is a wonderful band from Hungary that fuses Irish, Celtic, and Middle-Eastern music into something truly wonderful.]

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