Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The quest to get photos of a rare conjunction of the waxing crescent moon and the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, began on Monday, Nov. 24. On that morning, there was a thin crescent of moon visible just before dawn. Fog obscured my view the following two mornings and I did not see any progression until the weekend.

Then on Saturday, Nov. 29, the beginnings of the conjunction began to take shape. This shot was taken from my driveway, facing SW at about 5:30 PM. Fog had been rolling in earlier and I thought the view would be completely obscured--but I lucked out.

I took this shot to show the shadow of earth across part of the moon. Hard to hold the camera still for such shots!

On Mon., Dec. 1 the final conjunction was to take place, so I took my camera to work. This and the next shot was all I got before the fog began to roll in. I missed getting Jupiter in the shot because the sky was still too light.

It was a lovely crescent moon, however.

The fog rolling in over the roofs and treetops, obscuring my view.

But I decided to turn the bummer into an opportunity to explore the campus during foggy conditions and I was not disappointed!

Dickson Plaza in a green fog. I did not manipulate this image, but everything below has been adjusted or manipulated to get different results. The lighting was eerie and made the already twisted trunks and branches of the trees look even more fantastical.

Ghostly trees....

....and branches with fog vapor caught in the flash.

Sycamore branches twisting in the mist.

And a ghostly face peering through the branches.
Just another example how exploring the mundane during a different time of day and under different conditions can yeild an exciting adventure!
[Composed while listening the soundtrack "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" by Howard Shore]

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