Wednesday, August 26, 2009


On a recent picnic with friends at a nearby canyon we were visited by a doe and yearling deer. These are California White-tailed Deer, which are common in the Santa Monica Mountains. They were attracted to the big water bucket used for watering horses; the little one drank for almost 10 minutes. Then they went foraging, but were finding mostly dried grass. Both deer were a bit thin and had ribs showing, but otherwise looked healthy. It was a special treat to see these creatures so close. I hope they both found more food somewhere and are able live a safe life for a while.
[composed while listening to the "Return of the King" soundtrack by Howard Shore]


Tabor said...

The first thing I noticed was how thin they are. Our East Coast white tails are smaller, I think, but currently not that thin.

Linda Navroth said...

The deer, other wildlife, trees--the whole ecosystem here in Southern California is suffering from a multi-year drought. There are several wildfires currently burning in the local mountains--and it's pretty early in the season for it. If we don't get the forecasted El Nino winter this year, with it's drenching rains, we are in a world of hurt. The environment isn't going to take much more.