Monday, August 24, 2009


Lately I have been hearing news reports of the continued mountaintop removal mining and now I read that the Army Corps of Engineers (those bastards that seem hell-bent on pouring concrete on every living river and stream), have given the go-ahead to a gold mining operation in Alaska to dump its waste into a nearby lake. Super. Thanks a lot. Once again greed triumps over nature. When will it end?

"In the great stretches of glass and concrete and steel hide the natural landscape. Where is there one long view of earth and sky to show the seasons or rest they eye, or a silent place to rest the ear? Or the space to stretch and play, or to be still and alone?"--Jane Whitbread


Tabor said...

You know, reading your blog can sometimes be depressing...but important.

Linda Navroth said...

I can't sit back and ignore the elephant in the room. I feel sorry for the children of the future who may one day look at blogs like mine and wonder what the heck 'nature' is!