Monday, September 7, 2009


As an addendum to this post: As of Sunday, 9/06, they've saved the McMansions in the canyons, so now they have their full resources and attention to fighting the fire. It is now approx. 51% contained. I heard a report that they were finally making an attempt to save Big Santa Anita Canyon and Chantry Flats from the fire, the area with the historical cabins from the early 1900's and the oldest and last pack station in the United States.

I was out in the San Fernando Valley yesterday and the air quality was really horrible. It's bad enough for humans, but I imagine people's pets and smaller wildlife will be suffering from the smoke as well. Another side effect of the fire that most folks rarely think about.

I live about 30 miles west of the fire and about 8 miles from the ocean. We've had ash on our cars for days and I have developed a wet cough that reminds me of what used to happen when I smoked, even though I have avoided heavy exercise outdoors. I hope I don't develop some health problems from this sometime down the line. That arsonist should be held accountable for any smoke related health problems and deaths, too.

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