Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Mr. Pinchy peeks out from behind his rock.

Angus waiting for Mr. Pinchy to make an appearance.

One of my cats, Angus, has become quite curious about the new fish tank I installed to house the crawdad I found in front of our house about a month ago (hard to believe I've had it that long now). First he was just captivated by the bubbles from the airstone, then he discovered there was running water flowing in the back from the filter. He loves water and I have had a little trouble disuading him from climbing up on top of the glass tank top and light fixture to get a better look.

Last night he was very persistant and I kept moving him down and saying, "NO!" very firmly. When I went back into the room, Angus had taken up a spot near the tank where he could keep an eye on things. He minded, and yet continued to do what he wanted. Have to admire him for that!

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