Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mr. Pinchy Update

Mr. Pinchy, the crawdad I found about 6 weeks ago, is thriving in his new 10 gal. freshwater aquarium home. But he really goes through the plants! A lot of them he eats, but some I think he just tears up in his nighttime foraging around the tank. This photo shows the new plants I installed last night--some water wisteria, anacharis, and moneywart. I divided some of the wisteria and anacharis to spread it around a bit more. As of this morning, he'd left it alone, but I gave him 4 salmon eggs last night and I think that satisfied his appetite.

A nice close-up, showing the eye, antennae, and pincers.

Heading towards the "Craw Cave.'

A nice profile shot that shows the anatomy well.

Angus is still keeping vigil on the tank! He's fascinated by the bubbles from the airstone and the water flowing out of the filter. And when he sees Mr. Pinchy wandering around, he really gets excited.

SPECIAL NOTE: The crrawdad may have been free, but setting up and maintaining the "Craw Crib" has been pretty expensive. Like all pets, it involves time and money. If you don't have either, please don't take on a pet.

I will say that having this crawdad has been very interesting. I don't stare at him every day, but I do spend time now and then observing and photographing his behavior. Quite an education for an amateur naturalist.

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Hugh said...

I'm a big fan of crawdads. Mr. Pinchy is very handsome.