Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Something was visiting our yard last week and tearing up the lawn and parkway...

Upon closer inspection of the culprets paw prints, I suspected a raccoon.

This morning the parkway lawn was really torn up; they were back! I went on the county animal control website and lo and behold, read this:

"Raccoons causing lawn and turf damage may be encouraged to leave by controlling the grub worms or other subsoil insects that raccoons eat. Remember the safety of your pets when dealing with chemicals on your lawn."

When I was replacing divets, I did notice a very large grub, so this is definitely what they are after. This is going to be a real challenge to deal with. I don't want to put down any chemical control for the grubs unless it's non-toxic (which isn't likely), but I don't want the lawn torn up anymore either. Thankfully the major damage is the parkway area. They only tore up two divets in the front lawn enclosed by the fence. Pesky littel devils! But kind of cool knowing there is wildlife like this in the city!

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