Friday, September 4, 2009


The LA Times had an online article this afternoon that said they were working to find the perpetrator of the arson fire that has burned more than 230 sq. mi. of national forest. According to the Times:

"Investigators will pick through clues at the scene, try to establish a likely motive for the arsonist, then predict the characteristics and traits of the unknown offender as they look to make an arrest.

Timothy Huff, a former profiler with the FBI who has interviewed more than 100 convicted arsonists, said the typical profile of an arsonist is that of a white man aged between 15-25. The most common arson motivation is revenge, Huff said, with offenders seeking to harm individuals, groups, institutions or society in general."

Yeah, well--thanks a lot, arsonist! I don't care how mad you are at something, this is an incredibly selfish way to have your revenge.

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