Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Want to help the folks that fight wildfires? Here's a link to The Wildland Firefighter Foundation website:

All of us that use the mountains and other wildlands for recreation owe these people our support.

Also, there was a tragic loss to one Forest Service employee during the recent Sheep Fire in the San Bernardino/Angeles National Forests:

This poor guy has lost two homes to fire, now the dogs he rescued that were abandoned in the forest. He was also recently beaten while serving a ticket on a violator in the forest. If you want to send a donation to help this poor guy:

Bobby Wright donations: Lytle Creek Volunteer Assn. The group is located at the Lytle Creek Ranger Station, 1209 Lytle Creek Road, Lytle Creek, CA 92358. For more information, call (909) 382-2851.

Give thanks, and give generously to these hard-working, courageous folks that are out on the line trying to save our precious recreation areas!

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