Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Still trying to get in a bit of fall in the local mountains, this time a day trip to Chantry Flats and the Adams Pack Station in the Angeles National Forest. It is easy to get to, though be forewarned--VERY popular place and late arrivals will have to park along the road as the day progresses. We parked at the pack station for $10, which I didn't mind paying as it supports them and their business.

One of the pack mules. He was a real friendly fellow.

The Adams Pack Station has been in operation since 1936:

"Adams' Pack Station, and what makes us unique, is deliver supplies year-round to a permanent community that is only accessible by footpath. We are the life-blood of 80 antique recreational cabins plus 113-year-old Sturtevant's Camp. The pack string and the old-fashioned crank phone system are their only link to the modern world."


This mule just wanted me to come down for a chat. They are so friendly and curious. There were also a few resident dogs, cats, and chickens.

California Gray Squirrel (sorry it's blurry). Note the magnificent bushy tail! There were dozens of them collection acorns from the surrounding trees.

A nice little portal to the sky. The clouds grew thicker, a breeze sprang up, and by 1 pm it was quite cool.

A lush canopy of oaks over the picnic area.

The picnic area was recently redone and it was developed quite nicely. Each spot has a poured slab of concrete, a picnic table, and a fire grill. They are far enough apart to give a little privacy, too.
It was a pleasant way to spend a few hours. My friend brought along a young inner-city girl she mentors and she had a great time walking the trail and petting the mules and goats at the pack station.

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Jason T. Lee said...

great pictures Linda, I am definitely going to check the place out :)