Monday, November 2, 2009

Garbage floating in Pacific exacts deadly toll on Albatrosses

Dead Lysan Albatross chicks on Midway Atoll--guts filled with plastic trash fed to it by adult birds who cannot tell the difference between trash and food. (photo by Chris Jordan)

As if the whole idea of a 'garbage patch' the size of a small state is floating in the Pacific Ocean isn't alarming and sickening enough, now it appears that there are TWO of them. Birder's World Magazine had this article about it:

Anyone who thinks it's okay to just toss down their bottle caps, plastic disposable lighters, and other small pieces of plastic should think again. Here is where much of it ends up:

This is a TRAGEDY. So many human beings are thoughtless when it comes to trash. They never think to dispose of it properly. I recently witnessed someone throwing out their fast food bag from a passing car and could not believe my eyes. I felt like following and confronting them about it. I wanted to hand them the bag and say, "How would you like it if someone threw their trash in your house? Because of thoughtless people like you, our wildlife has to live with your shit every day."

Perhaps next time I WILL do it.

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