Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Last October my partner and I went to the San Bernardino Mountains to see what was touted as the only aspen grove in Southern California. We never found it, but what we did find was a whole new playground.
After living in So. Cal. for 60 years, you'd think I'd seen just about everything. But this area of the SBNF was completely new to me. And it has all the things I love most about forests: loads of trees, a fair amount of water, and that great 'piney' smell.

Since that trip we've been there several times more. We even stayed in a cabin over 4th of July weekend, in a small community that we are thinking of retiring to eventually.

I originally planned this blog to be a way to show people that nature can be close to home, but as I've travelled around more, I find myslef reluctant to share the whereabouts of certain places because they are not very crowded--and I'd like to keep them that way. Selfish? Most definitely!


Rusty said...

Looks like a truly beautiful spot. I can just imagine the wildlife!

Tabor said...

I can understand your reticence. Its seems that all the pretty places are just waiting to be spoiled by our love.

Urban Wild said...

I was actually surprised at the lack of wildlife here. There are trout in the river (both planted 'bos and wild browns), about five different bird species that I've seen in three visits and that's all. But I reckon it is a lot different at night!