Saturday, November 6, 2010


After living in a small unincorporated city within Los Angeles County for over 20 years, circumstances necessitated a move elsewhere. Our landlords unexpectedly decided to sell the house we were renting, so finding that we were now priced out of the house rental market, we managed to find a lovely large apartment in the Westwood area. Not only do I have a five minute drive to work (which is going to turn into a 10 minute bus ride come January), we have loads of big, mature trees right out front. (As I type this I can hear the wren singing!)

I have already seen a large flock of Cedar Waxwings that are feeding on the fruit of an enormous ficus tree, but I've also seen two species of warbler (Yellow-rumped and Orange-crowned), numerous crows, and heard a Bewick's Wren singing from a nearby yard.

One thing I always loved about the old place was that there were always interesting birds to see. We lived near a wetlands area and there were many birds that showed up around our neighborhood by extension (either heard or seen flying overhead): Cooper's Hawk, Crow, warblers, owls, herons, swallows, and various shorebirds.

There was a gigantic sycamore tree in a neighbor's yard in back, and it was a favorite gathering place for crows, and hunting perch for Cooper's Hawks, and a foraging spot for the resident Nuttall's Woodpecker.

There are many things I will miss, but there are new things here that I am already enjoying. I look at it as the start of a new adventure in the urban wild!

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