Friday, December 24, 2010

NATURE... everywhere.

                              ...On the roof... front of the window...

..hunkered down, trying to stay out of the rain.


Rusty said...

Mr Fuzzytail seems to be asking you when you are going to put some food out!

Talk about mixed up weather! Heavy rain where there has been little over the last years - blizzard conditions where there has been none in over a century - and everything in between. Even areas that expect and are ready for heavy snow are showing up dry. What a mix up! Have a happy new year. ATB! :))

Juan Carlos Gálvez said...

Hi linda!

I've been on holidays as you ,I think.That's why too much time have passed since my last visit.Now ,I can see very beautiful photos,paintings and words.I like too much the heron (garza) you painted.
Congratulations for all of them.
Happy New Year.

Best regards,
Juan Carlos

Urban Wild said...

Hello, Juan. Thanks for stopping by. Lately I have been painting and not posting--hard to find time for everything in a single day! I miss blogging, but my painting has all my attention right now. Thank you for your nice comments. Glad you like the heron!
Best to you,