Wednesday, December 1, 2010


During an email exchange with a friend of mine and we got into a conversation about a woman who was caught trying to smuggle rare falcons from of Russia. I mentioned to her that I rarely pay attention to the news these days as I find it terribly distressing, not to mention distracting. And those elements are not conducive to being creative. But as a birder I cannot escape the conservation and protections aspects of my chosen pastime. The grim realities, such as the smuggling story that caught my eye, are always there. I think that's one of the reasons I like to paint birds. It makes me feel closer to them and to celebrate more intimately their beauty and specialness.

After the move I finally managed find all my painting materials and to get my work area ready for some more painting. Over the holiday weekend I painted two small works, both of Royal Terns (one of my favorite birds). I am experimenting with different methods: one, a plain and fairly un-detailed approach, and two, a more colorful and expressive approach.

The results turned out pretty well, though I think I need to explore this much, much further. My goal is to paint at least one picture every day, even if it is just a small one. In addition, I will continue to do my sketching in the morning before work. Rising earlier has enabled me to have more quiet creative time at the beginning of the day when I am less tired. Discipline has never been a strong point of mine, but I am determined to improve my painting!


Tabor said...

These are lovely. With practice you will enjoy your work so much more.

Hugh said...

They're great, full of life.

Juan Carlos Gálvez said...

Good job Linda,
As Tabor said:practice,practice and practice .This is the only secret painting has.Being a genius is other thing but we can get it.
I like both of them,but the first one is better,I think.
Take a look on Juan Varela's and Lars Jonsson's work.They inspire me constantly.

Kind Regards,
Juan Carlos

Urban Wild said...

Thanks very much to all of you for your kind comments!
Juan--Yes, I like Lars' work very much! I am also inspired by Erik Van Ommen, who has some wonderful videos on YouTube.