Monday, December 13, 2010


While other parts of the country are being slowly buried in the white stuff of winter, we here in Southern California enjoyed a warm and sunny weekend. It topped out around 85-degrees yesterday, so we headed to the beach for a couple hours of shore time.

It was a lovely day at White's Point in Palos Verdes. The ocean was like glass and Catalina Island was so clear you could make out the folds in the hills. A small pod of dolphins swam by, a kayaker pulled into the the cove, and some crabmen pulled up their traps.


Tabor said...

So you made this post just to make me jealous? Well, just to let you know I am cozy inside even though the temp outside is hovering just over 30.

Urban Wild said...

Ha ha! No--just to show how winter's disparity falls! My friend in Michigan reports that this morning it was 7-degrees in Detroit--lowest in the country! They miss California a LOT right about now!