Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wise Words for the Woods

"The preservation of existing woods, and the far more costly extension of them where they have been unduly reduced, are among the most obvious of the duties this age owes to those that are to come."

--George P. Marsh (Man and Nautre, a plea for wilderness conservation written in 1885, which influenced the establishment of the 700,000 acre Adirondacks State Park.)

And I'd say these words and ideas are as important now as when written 125 years ago.


Tabor said...

Unfortunately wilderness is a scary word to some people and they think that means a place to tame.

Urban Wild said...

Yes, well that is certainly very true. And there are those that believe in the Biblical command to go forth and use all you need (so to speak).
Interestingly, there is a plan afoot locally to 'improve' a nature center by actaully destroying a lot of the surrounding natural environment,including valuable bird habitat, in the mistaken idea that 'kids can learn better from models than they can from the real thing." No kidding! They actaully said that. I nearly fell on the floor laughing.