Friday, April 22, 2011


I thought it was cool that they made Earth Day on my birthday back in 1970. Still do. Since I have been a nature lover my whole life, it seems fitting.

Today I will be 61 and it is absolutely amazing on so many levels. I am grateful to be alive, quite frankly, after some wasted (literally) years in my 20s. I never thought I'd live to see 30 (though I think that's a common belief among most youngsters). When you're 20, you really do think you will live forever; yet you cannot conceive of living to 30, let alone 60.

So here I am, older and I do believe a lot wiser than I used to be. When they say youth is wasted on the young, they aren't kidding. I didn't really know squat when I was younger. But when you have enough life experiences under your belt, you tend to look at life in a new way, and the world becomes quite a different place.

I totally understand the cynicism of a lot of older people; I have become rather disenchanted with the way life has become in a lot of ways. And perhaps that's why older people no longer fear death. They've seen enough of the bad stuff go on to show them that life is NOT getting better as time goes on.

When I turned 60 last year something inside me changed. I suddenly felt old. And it was not a good feeling. I mean, for the first time I realized that I was getting on the back end of my life and time was short (especially the way time seems to fly by now). Watching my parents age over the years has not helped in this regard. But over the past few months I think I've made some kind of peace with it and have stopped thinking about it so much. My enthusiasm for getting outdoors, for bird watching, and for life in general has ramped way up.

So this weekend--tomorrow in fact--I plan to drive my new SUV (purchased a couple weeks ago--a 2000 Chevy Blazer) up to the mountains for the day. I've wanted an 'outdoor' vehicle for a few years now and even though gas is priced obscenely high and the Blazer gets low gas mileage, I am extremely happy to have it. I know, I know--not very eco-friendly, but that's my burden and karma to bear.

I have been wanting to get up to the mountains for a while now. There's still quite a bit of snow up in the higher elevations and it's not exactly warm yet, but I'd love to see some nuthatches and woodpeckers. And smell those piney woods!

Everyone have a wonderful Earth Day. Go out and enjoy nature wherever you can and rejoice that we still have some left to get out into!

My new truck--love it!


Tabor said...

In terms of environmental caution it is all about balance. I am sure you do other things that balance out this little guzzling luxury. I have to buy a new car and am thinking I will go hybrid as many of them can now climb mountains.

Urban Wild said...

Well I never thought of it that way--I recycle like crazy, I don't use plastic bags, and I always pick up trash when I'm out hiking and fishing. So yeah, I guess I DO balance it out a bit!