Monday, May 2, 2011


Two years ago I worked on a project for Los Angeles Audubon to create some guidelines for tree trimming in the spring. It came about when I emailed LAA after seeing a crew trimming (decimating, actually) some neighborhood trees at the hight of nesting season. The conservation chair, Garry George, asked me if I would be interested in creating some guidelines for tree trimming that would be distributed as widely in LA County as possible. I jumped at the chance.

Almost a year later, after much research (including acquiring permissions to use certain material such as nest descriptions and imagery), input from experts, and some unfortunate petty wrangling with a few members with their own agendas, the guidelines were finally approved by the LAA Board. We posted a PDF file on the website in English and also had them translated into Spanish.

Then lo and behold, last Friday's LA Times had an article about tree and shrub pruning that cited our guidelines. It was very gratifying to me to see that they were being referenced and used!

All I ever wanted to do was save some birds and it appears that in some small way perhpas I have.

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