Monday, October 31, 2011


Digby and I went up to the Angeles National Forest on Saturday. I hadn't been up there since the Station Fire and thought it was about time to go up and take a look. I am glad I waited; the re-growth is coming along, though there are large swaths of ghost forest (standing burned, dead trees), there is surprising amounts of intact growth along the road in a lot of places.

How a chilly dog gets toasty.

A nice little day use area at Chilao.

Along the creekbed, willows have turned yellow.

Digby on the alert for squirrels.

Yes--we have fall in California! A pair of cottonwoods show their fall finery.

Digby chilaxin' in the the back of the truck.

My favorite day spot, Chilao, is like an island in the midst of some of the worst fire burned area--virtually untouched. Buckhorn was also left intact, which made me really happy as this is a most idyllic piece of the forest, with giant Western Red Cedar, Jeffrey and Coulter Pines. Set down in a canyon along a seasonal stream, this spot is one of the most lovely in the forest.

The narrow road into Buckhorn is quite lovely.

One of the beautiful campsites at Buckhorn.

When we got up to the 6500' level, the air became increasingly cooler, and ranged from 58-64 degrees throughout the day. (Yes, I know that seems like a heat wave to a lot of areas of the country!). Digby actually got chilled and I had to wrap in in a blanket for a while.

We had a light lunch of cheese, apple, and crackers, and I got out my Brunton Flex backpacking stove and heated some water for tea. Then went for a nice long walk. I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I could now walk up at altitude, due to all the extra walking I've been doing with the dog the past couple of months. Truly a pleasure!

After an hour we headed down to Buckhorn. We hiked a ways on the Burkhardt Trail and then continued on down the road. We drove the length of Highway 2 from La Canada to Wrightwood seeing hardly any other vehicles, which was lovely indeed.

View from about 7000' down into the San Bernardino area. Nothing but wilderness down in those canyons, where deer and bighorn sheep roam.

We drove home via the Antelope Valley, Soledad Canyon, and the 5. It was a long day--8 hours total, and we were both glad to get home.

Traveling with Digby is a lot of fun; I forgot how much fun a dog can be and what swell companions they are! Can't wait for our next adventure!

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Tabor said...

Thanks for taking me along. A lovely trip in a beautiful area.