Tuesday, January 3, 2012


On Friday, December 30 my partner and I visited Randy Nauert's ranch in the hills above Mailbu. Randy was one of the founding members of The Challengers surf band back in the 60s.

On his property he has emus, llamas, alpacas, cows, donkeys, sheep, and GOATS! It was the latter animal that sent me up there. I've loved goats since I was a kid (pun intended) and I wanted to meet Randy as well, having been a fan of his band, too. He grew up in the same area of California that I did, the South Bay, though he was a few years older than me.

I was given the task of following the goat herd up a hell to a meadow where they grazed every day. It was quite a hike, but rewarding. From up there all you could hear was the tinkling of the goat bells and the occasional call of a Wrentit. Had it been a clearer day I would have had a view all the way down to the ocean.

The highlight of the day was feeding a holding the two-week old kid goat (yet unnamed). The mother (Heidi) is a milking goat and had to interest in feeding the kids (she had three), so Randy took over the duty. Two of the kids died, but the smallest survived. For the time being he stays with Randy in the house, along with another goat, Manilla, and his two Wiemeriners.

It was a lovely warm day and a good time was had by all!

Curious Emu...

...and prehistoric feet! Randy said their toes are so sharp and legs so powerful, they could gut you with one swipe!

2-day old lamb

The herd on the graze

Sister Red (Heidi in background) - Nubian goats

Part of the herd

Little Siri Bonk--17 days old. He keeps up with the herd really well. See the video below for him up in the meadow.

Heidi (the new kid's mom)

Manilla - the house goat

New kid--getting milk randy collected from mom (Heidi)

Gee that tastes good!

A man and his goat

Thanks for the wonderful day, Randy!

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