Monday, April 23, 2012


Headed up to the mountains on Saturday for some fly fishing on a tributary of the the Santa Ana River. This small water holds quite a few fish despite its narrow width; one using an 8'6" 5WT rod is kind of over-doing it, but that's the lightest rod I have right now.

No matter; I had two fish in no time. The first I pulled from a slow section right near the parking area was a 8" wild rainbow trout. It was a good little fighter. I brought him in quick and released him (as I always do with wild stream fish). He was big enough to keep, but that's not how I roll.

With the excitement of that fish still fresh, I wandered downstream tyring a few other spots. Not long afterwards I dipped the line into a bend pool, where the water was real fast, literally dapping the line. I had a hit on the the third try: a nice 8 1/2" wild brown trout! It fought hard and I brought it in quickly so as not to stress it unreasonably, took a quick look at its golden-jeweled flanks, and let it go.

I didn't catch anymore after the brown, but those two made me more than happy. I did wish I'd had a camera to take photos though--something I need to rectify. I need a small camera to take with me fishing, something that's not too heavy but had a macro function for fish portraits.

Both fish were caught on my favorite Crystal Soft-hackled fly that I tie myself--that fly hasn't missed so far, and I am now three for three this spring; fish caught on all three outings!

I've got a 7'6" 4WT rod coming from my fishing buddy in NY who works for Cortland Line--can't wait to try it on this piece of water next month!

I also saw quite a few nice birds: Red-naped Sapsucker, American Robin, Steller's Jay, Mallard (a pair hanging around the stream), Song Sparrow, Hairy Woodpecker.

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Tabor said...

Sounds like one of those perfect days to me.