Thursday, September 26, 2013


Before dawn the clouds were merely gray puffs moving across the sky. The entire sky in every direction was full of clouds.

 But as the sun began to rise, the riot of color began, especially in the east. (Notice the wave clouds to the right, in the distance, above the three tree fingers.)

The waning gibbous moon made an appearance from behind clouds with the first blush of dawn on their cheeks.
The clouds toward the southwest catch the rosy-orange tone. It's amazing to watch the evolution of color in the morning sky.

In the west, the horizon is still pale violet and the clouds are still gray until the sun rises higher.

And I discovered a 'trick' camera setting  - solarizing effect!

I never tire of looking at the sky. There is always something new, something interesting, something beautiful to see. So the next time you're out walking, instead of looking at the sidewalk, look up! Enjoy the show that nature puts on just for you!

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Marian Fortunati said...

Gorgeous photos!! You don't even need the trick setting.