Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Beginning behind the San Gabriel Mountains that I can see in the distance to the east, the sky is a bright, pale yellow. The next layer is a somewhat pale rosy-orange, that blends into a pale blue, and finally into a darker blue in the upper sky. The mountains themselves are a silhouette of grayed violet.

On mornings with clouds, there is often a riot of beauty, and depending on the position of the sun on the horizon and the type of clouds, it can be brilliantly colored in reds and oranges.

I usually shoot a lot of photos on such mornings and as a result, I have quite a 'library' of cloud images, and weather and atmospheric phenomenon. And for about 6 years I’ve been keeping small Moleskine journals (3.5" x 5.5"); for each day I start with the date, then add the type of weather, the temp, and humidity. I’ll also add any interesting astronomical events that I’ve seen, such as fireball meteors or conjunctions of planets with the moon, and interesting birds and plant life that I encounter on my walks. It is a wonderful way to start the morning and it provides me with an archive of information that I can refer back to, and relive these special moments.


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Unknown said...

These are beautiful and inspiring...though I don't see myself getting up any earlier to replicate the experiences ;>)
The poems below are lovely. Thank you for sharing!