Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Sometimes I am enchanted just by being in the midst of Nature. Of feeling the breath of sun-warmed wind on my face; of hearing the rustle of leaves and the babbling of water over stones; of smelling the scent of pine needles and fresh-turned earth. There is magic everywhere I look; around every rock, twig, and log, over every hill and rise, behind every tree and bush. One only needs to look, SEE, and remain attentive and attuned to the invisible rhythms of the Earth; to feel, as delicate as a spider senses prey on its web, the great, deep, beating heart of the Earth.
[photo by Navroth / Bottom of Merrimen Falls, Lake Quinault, WA 2013]

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Tabor said...

Definitely yes...needing some of that peaceful outdoors right now.