Friday, September 20, 2013


I love walking in my neighborhood early in the morning. I see a lot of interesting things, some funny things, and some things that just catch my eye and make me wonder.

Case in point: I've walked down this particular streets many times and seen this house before. However, this morning it was overcast and gloomy and it made things look different and more mysterious. I had stopped to let Digby read some peemail on a tree, looked across the street, and saw this:

It was actually even darker than this--I had to lighten it up to see it well. From across the street the house is not visible at all--just the driveway, the immense amount of foliage and trees, and that dark 'hole' that seems to go back to a secret place. Looked like a 'hobbit hole' to me!
My imagination and artist's eye seem to come alive on these morning walks. The exercise clears the mind of clutter and makes it more aware of all the infinite beauty that surrounds me, even in an urban setting. It is such a great way to start the day--better than reading a depressing newspaper!

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Tabor said...

So now I am curious about who lives there. What type of person wants that much privacy?