Tuesday, October 1, 2013


In an extremely sad and sickening turn of events, our government has finally lost its collective mind. Their moral compass is completely broken and their conscience is non-existent. Because there are so many agendas among parties (and none of them serving the American people), the government was shut down and our national parks and BLM lands closed. These closures include the iconic jewel of the park system, Yosemite.

Government Closes Yosemite as Google Celebrates the Park

I have lost any faith or hope in our government. Every branch of it is occupied by self-serving and selfish politicians who do a great injustice to the constituents they serve. I like to keep the tone of my blog positive, but this event is one that is not easy to ignore.

They have closed all the trails in the Santa Monica Mountains, the most-used trail system in Los Angeles County. Thankfully they have not given national park status to the Angeles National Forest, although any U.S. Government-related departments and any maintenance provided by them will close, along with any trails associated with them.

This is a sad day indeed. Although not without precedence (they've shut down the government before), it comes at a time when we should all be working together to pull ourselves out of the debt crises and not be putting government workers on furlough. Many in Congress seem hell-bent on destroying the American way of life, especially for the middle class and poor. A very sad day ineed.